The slideshow will include hundreds of your wedding day photos placed on usb thumb-drive or DVD to music you’ve selected. It's amazing how much music enhances moments captured in photos! Great for anniversaries or grandparents.

Slideshows are a great way to look at most of your photos at once before you print. A way for relatives to view them even if they don't have a computer. Slideshows can be played on a tv or computer just like a video by either usb or dvd form. A creative and cost effective alternative if you are not hiring a videographer. A memorable way to share with friends or show at your future anniversary celebrations. It's something you can watch again and again every year!

Mr. & Mrs. Graff | Beardslee Castle

Note: Examples are small versions reduced in size for web viewing purposes. The final slideshow may be up to 40-60 minutes long including all of your day events that you can view on your tv at a larger size. You will be able to choose the music if you'd like or we can.

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