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We recommend videography with Scotto Films as a longtime business partner. It's important to find a videographer that works well with your photographer. You want the best possible outcome for all the capturing of your day and everyone to work well together. 

Go directly to www.scottofilms.com for more videos and info! 

I'm Mike Scotto and I'm a videographer living in The Capital District of Albany, NY. I have been shooting videos since 2007 and I have loved it ever since I picked up a video camera. I have been a freelance videographer since 2010 and I specialize in Wedding Videos.

I started out filming and editing skateboarding videos as a kid. I wanted to find a way to document my friends and I skateboarding and having fun. The first video camera I ever picked up was a Sony Hi8. I didn't know much at the time but I was quickly intrigued by the whole process. I began picking up techniques on how to film and edit through watching other skateboarding videos made by professionals. That was the start to establishing my personal filming style. As I got more experienced and knowledgeable throughout the years, I found that there is more then just skateboarding montages to produce. I wanted to create visual memories for others like I have been doing for me and my friends for many years. I moved on to doing commercial work for various companies and clients. It was through them that I developed my eye for attention and intricate details. It taught me how to create more structured videos and how to specialize in angles. Having the freedom of skateboarding videos and the structure of commercial work was a huge building block in my career as a videographer. Emotional videos with music is a universal language. That eventually turned me onto working in the wedding field.

Music is a big part of who I am and what I do. The music I select is what keeps me passionate about making my videos. I started doing wedding videos because I wanted to do something completely different. I wanted to go outside my box, my comfort zone. Filming and editing weddings has shaped my visual eye and creativity. I get the most satisfaction after finishing a wedding video and hearing what my clients has to say. I love hearing about the joy and excitement they get after watching their video for the first time. Every wedding video I do is still a challenge that keeps me interested in the craft. Changing effects, lighting and camera positions keeps me ever more consumed by the fulfillment of a successful product. My goal for every video is to deliver a finished product that stands out while being original as possible.

There's nothing more wonderful then having your loved ones watch special moments that come to life through film. I am very passionate about every video I create and I love to help people relive their memories for a lifetime.

Visit Scotto Films website: www.scottofilms.com

Email: scottofilms@gmail.com

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