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Did you hear? Holly and Jim saved yet another hustle and bustle holiday! Okay, okay, so we may be a little over-excited but we did make a plan with Amanda and her brothers (in secret!) with less than a week until Christmas. Managing to not only pull off family photos but return them within 24 hours so she could print in time! To top it all off, we made it fun and memorable to do the photos in the little time we had.

We only have a half hour for photos. We start inside by the fireplace, then to the Christmas tree, and then finish off with a giant gingerbread house. Yeah, that's right, I said giant gingerbread house, it exists at The Sagamore Resort. We head outside to the beautifully frosted landscape. Lake George was partially frozen over and the air was crisp. Everyone was so organized. It was so cold you could see your breath and they held it in with smiles. We got a few with the lake in the background, then the beautifully historic Sagamore in the background next, finishing off with the back steps. It all turned out so great and we did it all in 25 minutes or less! 

We are so happy to have captured Amanda and her family. I look forward to more Adirondack weddings, engagements, high school senior portraits and family sessions in Bolton Landing, Diamond Point and Lake George, no matter what the temperatures. 

"The Sagamore Resort is a landmark hotel with a prestigious history that dates back to the 1880s." —www.thesagamore.com


Book your wedding, engagement, family or senior portraits today and who knows, maybe we'll make some memories with a new story to tell.

Happy 2018 New Year everyone! 

Holly and Jim Greene

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