Welcome to Better House Doctor

An authorized Austin Air dealership

We sell the best quality air filters on the market. We are not just a dealership, we also use them ourselves. If you're looking for a good nights sleep or just want to breathe better you came to the right place. Austin Air filters offer quality and longevity at a reasonable price. 

Why choose an Austin Air filter?  They have nearly 3 decades of experience in the market. Introducing medical grade HEPA air purification to residential customers with multiple styles of filters to meet your specific needs.

Why purchase through us? Every purchase includes something unheard of in this day and age: "customer service".  We walk you through the options available and help you make the correct purchase for yourself, family and pets.

Scroll down to see what we have to offer or call 518-307-2747

Standard Series

Ideal for individuals or families with severe allergies and asthma, chemical sensitivities, or chronic illnesses such as COPD

Pet Machine

Specifically designed to filter unwanted pet odors, ammonias and dander.

Bedroom Machine

Our most comprehensive unit designed to help people with sleep related problems.

Healthmate Plus

Designed to effectively remove chemical, gases, VOC's and formaldehyde.


Our original and most popular unit. Protects against every day indoor pollutants.

Allergy Machine

Provides maximum protection for people with asthma and mold problems. 

Junior Series 

Designed for smaller spaces, our junior units offer the same protection as our standard air purifiers

HealthMate Junior Plus

Excellent at removing chemicals, gases, VOC’s and formaldehydes

HealthMate Junior

Offers protection against everyday allergens and airborne pollutants

Allergy Machine Junior

Ideal for people with allergies and mold problems

Baby’s Breath

Designed to keep the air in your child's nursery clean and safe

Comes in blue or pink

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