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Why would you need to have more than one photographer at your wedding?

One of the questions you will undoubtedly face when planning your wedding is not only which professional wedding photographer to choose, but if you should include additional photographers as well. There are actually numerous reasons to add an additional photographer to your wedding. First and foremost your primary lead photographer cannot be in two places at once. Our day usually begins wherever the Bride is, whether her house, hotel room or dressing room at the wedding venue. Getting Ready images can sometimes be some of the most important photos we capture. But wouldn't it be great to see some images of the Groom getting ready as well? This is where your additional photographer comes in. This way, while the primary lead photographer is capturing the Bride, an additional photographer is on site with the Groom and Groomsmen capturing those moments you also don't want to miss. Another big reason is some churches do not allow any photographer to walk around and can only shoot from one chosen spot. With an additional photographer you can have two set up in different locations for variety and so no perspective is missed, while respecting and honoring the churches wishes. The additional photographer is also able to provide a unique perspective in many other ways. They will be capturing images I would have never been able to capture as I'm concentrating on other requested and expected shots from the day. While I'm capturing the Bride and Groom with their parents, the flower girl might be behind me picking up her petals and placing them back in her basket. I would never see it, but I can always count on my additional photographer to be right there to capture the moment. With an additional photographer on site, nearly every important moment is captured from two different perspectives, eliminating the chance something will be missed. The additional photographer also acts as an incredible backup to the lead. While one photographer needs to switch out batteries, the other is ready to go and vice versa. My favorite reason for adding an additional photographer is the different perspectives and photographic styles you capture with different professionals working together. As always, the choice is yours, either way you're going to get some quality moments captured. We want to give you as many options as possible for your once in a lifetime moments.

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