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How much is the deposit/retainer fee to hold the date and what is the payment process? $200 non-refundable deposit and a signed contract to hold the date. Date will not be held tentative for any reason and will be open to anyone until a deposit and signed contract is given. After you sign the contract you may either make payments or pay the day of. The final full balance is due on the day of. Check, money order or cash accepted. If final balance is not paid after I took the photos no photos will be given until it is paid in full and cleared.

What is the process, do I have to meet with you and how many times? I leave it completely up to the couple. It's usually about 50/50. I hear all the time "we did it because that's what everyone else does". :) If you do choose to meet it would be once beforehand, the rest can be done on phone, email, etc. In most cases a lot of couples are either out-of-state or have such a busy schedule between planning and work demands that it is very hard to meet. I understand this and try my best to keep my website up-to-date with all my latest work and information. I also have many examples out there and am willing to send even more over email. The photos you see online will be much like the photos you see in person. I do believe in chemistry and it is very important to feel comfortable with your photographer. So if you prefer to meet, that's OK, and if you don't, that's OK too. Either way is fine with me. We can do everything over the phone, email, etc.

Do you offer discounted prices for off-season (winter) weddings or Friday or Sunday weddings? I do not offer discounts or specials as my pricing is based on time consumed and I put in equal amount of time into each event and processing.

Do you hold wedding dates tentative? No. First come first serve.

For weddings - What do you cover? Each wedding is different, I work around your event within your package choice. See Package details 

Can I give you a photo list of the family or guests that I want in formal photos or of other creative ideas? Yes, but please DO NOT SEND IT IN EXCEL. Send a regular list in email or Word doc. 

Do you offer hourly coverage for weddings? We have a 3 hour package for $900 and $300 each additional hour.

Do you cover the Groom getting ready too? If your package includes getting ready the primarily getting ready coverage is with the Bride (if wanted) but if the Groom is at or near the same location as the bride, then I will cover the Groom getting ready too if we have time. If the Bride & Groom are in two different locations far from each other, I recommend that you add on a second photographer to your package (for an additional $750) if you definitely want coverage of the Groom getting ready.

What time do you want me to do my hair? The answer is: I have no idea. I'm not being sarcastic here, I'm being honest. Because I don't know your hair type or hair dresser and how long it is going to take them, along with what style you are doing. I leave that up to you two to determine. I just show up and take photos of it in any shape or form. You could be half ready and the show must go on! Some want photos of their hair being done, some want photos of their hair after only. Some want make-up being put on and some want it already on when I arrive. Up to you. I cover up to 1 hours of getting ready if you choose  the Daisy package, what you do in that time is up to you and I take photos as it happens. If you want formal photos taken of girls only, allow a half hour for them before the ceremony or before the limo picks you up. If you want a "First Look" or ALL formal photos with family done of you and your future husband before the ceremony, add another hour of extended First look coverage before the ceremony starts or the limo picks you up.

How long have you been doing photography, particularly weddings? Weddings: Since 2003, I started part-time and then went full-time a couple years from there. When I was able, I left my day job to focus all of my time on it during the main season. Photography in general: I'd say since about 1994 when I started doing amateur photographer with my best friend when we were teenagers. After that I did some family photography for friends. Then I went to collage at Sage College of Albany for two years. There I majored in Graphic Design and took a photography class in B&W Photography where I did the old manual camera, film, film processing and dark room processing. From there I started a career at a local insurance company doing internal event coverage in photography and designed their monthly publication. I also did employee studio photos and did some web design work there as well. When they switched my role there I moved on to a local newspaper job where I only did ad design. But also during this time I did weddings full time as well. Now I only do photography as a full time business. 

How many weddings have you done? So far, over 600 and growing.

Do you cover the rehearsal? If you want rehearsal coverage, it's $750 additional added to any package up to 3 hours, given that the additional date is open. If the wedding officiator has direct questions for me, please have them contact me directly at (518) 307-2747.

You seem to have a journalistic approach, do you take traditional formal portraits? Yes, I also take traditional formals, unless requested not to. 

How long do you stay at the reception? If you sign up for a non-hourly package I make sure to get all the main events. I work with your DJ or band to know when the events are occurring. Such as the first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, guarder throw and any other special events. I also get table shots (when I can, sometimes guest are dancing or socializing, in that case, I try to do couple shots), decor, as well as free-style dancing and group dances. I usually stay until the point when I covered all the scheduled events and photo requests, then I will touch-base with you before I leave.

Can I upgrade or change to a different package? Yes. just let me know and we'll adjust the price.

Are there any hidden fees? No and I include tax in my price. Any cost changes that could occur would be if your location changed to a completely different area over one hour and thus you will get charged additional travel.

Do you have a limit on how many photos you take? No limit. But realize that each wedding/photoshoot is different. It varies depending on photogenic qualities and comfort, as well as how many events you have planned and how long your wedding is.

How many photos do I end up with? For weddings - approx. 900-1,200 photos, possibly more. On USB thumb-drive. For family/children/engagement/senior portrait photography - approx 80-300 photos.

Do you offer online ordering? yes thru Smugmug internal web system

Why do you leave some photos not cropped that look like they should be? Or what if I want me image cropped in closer? This is actually quite simple and there are few reasons. The way I take the image or process the image after is so that can have flexibility.

1. A 4x6 dimension is skinnier than an 8x10 dimension, same for 5x7 vs. an 11x17. When you get photos developed at any lab, they either have to crop to fit the size you want or fit it closer. You never want a distorted image, or at least from a design standpoint. Granted the closer you crop in on any photo, digital, scanned or film, the quality goes down.

2. You can always crop later but you can never bring back what you cropped out.

3. Many online labs allow you to crop as you wish before you order. So given that all print sizes have different dimensions, I want you to have the choice of how you want it. If I crop it ahead of time without the other choices, you may not have that option when ordering.

How many images are edited? (meaning touch-ups and color correction) Usually I end up editing the majority of them but not all of them. Basically all those that need it from my point of view. I determine per event, per lighting situation, per couple, per circumstances. In the end all photos should be print-ready unless otherwise requested.

Do you fix blemishes? Yes, I fix blemishes for the bride and groom in most the photos if needed, especially portrait formals and it is included with your package. I will fix other family or friends at an additional cost. It does not cover moles, freckles, scars or any natural blemishes unless otherwise asked before the photo processing. If you have a specific blemish question, please ask.

Are black & white and artsy versions included? Like the bouquet in color, rest in black & white style? Yes, some are at no extra charge. I use my best creative judgement to convert the ones I feel would look great in grayscale/b&w/sepia. I take all photos in color digital and usually keep the original version also. Same goes for the artsy ones. So you have a choice between them all. If you find later that I didn't covert one that you'd like to have in black & white, let me know and I will do so for you. There are many programs and photo labs that can do it for you as well.

What happens with dark churches that don't allow flash photography? Always ask if your photographer can use flash photography or if the person marrying you allows it. It sometimes is personal preference or building preference. Then let your photographer know before you hire them. Whether it be inside a church or not, this can be a hard task. Sometimes it is just not allowed during the Ceremony but is allowed while walking down the aisle entering and exiting. If the answer is a solid no, it might be possible to "stage" a reenactment once the official ceremony is over. Most are not into this idea or have no time if a Mass is coming in after. I personally don't prefer this option because you lose the real-ife version and you lose the emotion of the moment and guest won't be seated anymore. Some don't allow photography at all and you will have no record of your Ceremony. But it's better to know this all in advance and agreed upon for all parties involved. In churches, will my photographer be allowed to approach the altar for close-ups? If your photographer is restricted to the back of the church, there is obviously a limit in the types of images able to be captured. Long telephoto lenses can compensate, but there are many angles that are impossible to get from the rear of the church. Sometimes they allow only half way up the alter, which is better but not close enough to get what we'd like. Remember that most your photos will be the back of you in this case. Also remember to ask before hand if there is a balcony and if your photographer can go up during the Ceremony. My motto is always be respectful but try to get the images as well.

I have a friend or family member taking photos at the wedding too, is that OK? I don't mind as long as they DO NOT: jump in front of me, push me aside, make loud noises during the ceremony, become a distraction or try to take charge. I suggest no more than two others taking photos with large camera equipment. It's best if they DO NOT stand in the isle. Most of the time I am trying to get a full photo of the crowd and the whole ceremony, so it can look awkward from a distance if someone is standing in the center, as well as when you are walking down the isle. It can also take the attention away from the bride and groom. If you decide to have others with camera or video equipment during any event, remember that they may be in the photos. I will do my best to avoid them and work around them but it is not always possible. The end result might be that they are directly in the way, so make the choice and be aware of the end result. Just as I am a professional, please be sure they act as a professional and let them know this before the wedding. I know that I am usually in the isles, but I am the main photographer and you are paying for the photos I capture. Have them check with the officiator, priest or paster before hand because some have restrictions that everyone has to go by including me. Sometimes the officiator thinks they are with me and therefore it can reflect on my business, in turn, making it harder to work at that location again if they do not follow the rules. Extra flashes do not bother me or my camera and can actually make for some really creative photos if it does catch another's flash. In rare cases it can be too much light or cause red-eye but otherwise it should be fine. I also take turns of letting you look at each camera so that your eyes are always on me or whom ever is taking the photo. I prefer to get the first shot. In the end, the more photos the better, never know what they can capture!

Do you mind a videographer? I don't mind and will do my best to work with and/or around them. Remember the smaller the area the harder it is for me to avoid going in front or avoiding them being in the photos and visa versa. Also, having a videographer means I cannot get as close to you as I may like (which I try use the telephoto lens for). I may be off center, because I agree, they should be centered with a tri-pod and I will be beside them for most. Lastly, I may not get some creative angles as I normally would because of the limited access and photo opportunities while working around them, especially during ceremony. I usually have no problems because in most cases, we communicate with each other constantly throughout the day.

Do you offer "coffee table" albums or "custom designed" storybook albums? Yes! We also do traditional albums. See my prices and wedding package options for all details and choices.

How long does it take to get my photos after my event? Approx. 10-14 weeks as high resolution images on USB with photo release. In the holiday months, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, it may take an additional couple weeks. Usually the weddings that are most affected by this are from October to December. If you have special requests, such as blemish touch ups, it also may take longer.

Are the photos or Slideshows Copyright protected? No. You are free to make copies on your own for yourself or family and friends. We allow this because no matter what, Out of the Ordinary is the original artist and they are legally still copyright protected to us and our business name. It would be wrong for another photographer or person to take the credit for my work and in that case Out of the Ordinary still own and hold the original artist rights. But as far as the photo data storage copies you get - it's your day, not mine, so we believe you should have full access to them just as we would want. We offer additional copies at an extra charge per storage device. We recommend you make copies and put them in a safety deposit box.

What is a photo release? And do I get a photo release with my photos? A photo release is a statement, with my signature as the photographer, that you own the photos until eternity. You may have to show this when you are getting prints of the photos I took. Most online places that you order from won't request one but if you take the photos to a local store or photo lab for prints, they may ask to see it as your photos will be considered professional. Not all photographers give a release or allow you to copy the photos, so if you don't have a release it is considered illegal to copy them. Think of it in the same way as artwork or a painting with copyrights. Only we allow you to do as you wish, you own them. Yes. You will get a release stating that you own the high quality resolution photos to make prints, enlargements, projects, albums, manipulate, share, all the things you would do as if you took the photos yourself (except claim them other than Out of the Ordinary or Holly Greene as original artist). I still have the right to use them for examples of my work, display or advertisement purposes online or print.

What if I don't want to be online or used as advertisement? No problem, just let me know and state it on the contract.

I'm a professional photographer too, are you comfortable with that? Yes. I am confident in my work and I have no disposition. If you are a professional photographer or graphic designer and understand how to use RAW images and prefer to have them, please ask, otherwise I take them in jpg format because most do not have the sufficient programs to convert the files properly.

Is wedding photography your only job? Yes.

Do you have a studio? We do not have a photo studio but I believe the earth is my studio! We do on location only with a possible few selected winter sessions in our home.

What are your hours? I am available basically 7 days a week. I check email every day and we try to answer all phone calls from 9am-9pm, except during photo sessions, meetings or sleep.

Do you do engagement or couple photo sessions? See engagement photos Yes, an engagement photo session may be added to a wedding package of choice at any time for an additional $300. If you do not sign up with a wedding package it is separate  $300 the day off the session. It works much like the other photo sessions, it is an about 1.5 hrs long and you will own 80-200 photos with a photo release. Dates will be agreed upon by all parties and would be best scheduled at least 3 months before the date of your wedding. Rain date? No problem, we can reschedule for a better day. Think of creative ideas inside outside such as: the place you met or a place that is special to the both of you, as well as barns, fields, historic areas, parks, fences, steps, gates, benches, and so on.

Do you have back-up photographers? Out of the Ordinary has never missed covering a scheduled event. If needed, I have about 5 photography friends that in an emergency I hope could be there for me as I would be for them. But I cannot guarantee any certain person on any certain date because they also have a schedule, it would be whom ever I could find that is creatively responsible as possible.

Have you ever had a bridezilla? Bridezilla - 2.5 Groomzilla - almost Momzilla - 1 Dadzilla - 0 Mother-in-lawzilla - 3 Father-in-lawzilla - 0

How is your business approach different than others? It's Out of the Ordinary. I try different angles and ideas. Also, not many photographers give you ALL of the images that are mostly processed with artistic versions. Most charge extra for this, I do not, and you get all your images at high resolution with a photo release to print where ever you like.

How did you decide to get in your line of work? The first wedding I ever did was for free for a friend. It was film days so I never even got to see the results, just handed them over. I heard it was nice. It was a two-sided favor I guess to be honest because I learned so much about the business just in one wedding. My, then boyfiend - now husband, found a newspaper clipping for the wedding after that one and we answered their call out to an ameture photographer to cover their wedding for $250. I took it! Ever since I've been booking weddings and my business grew into other aspects as well. Over 600 weddings later and I still love my work!

What do you like most about your job? Smiles and making memories.

If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share? Photographers like to share only their "show" work, make sure you see their work in ALL conditions such as low-lighting vs sunny. Action to stills. Candid to posed. Get to know how they handle all situations and location types (or similar). Make sure they are a good fit in all events so you both can feel comfortable with each other. Chemistry is important too. Also, don't pretend any emotion. Be happy, be sad, what ever it is because TRUE emotion shows.

Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients. Weddings, Engagements, Family and Senior Portraits. Newborns seem to be the next popular thing after that.

Do you do any sort of continuing education to stay up on the latest developments in your field? Besides on-going experience over all these years? Yes, I do lots of workshops and tutorials to keep up on photoshop with the latest "actions" and constantly looking into the latest trends. The key to it all: LISTEN to your customers. Be open to new trends and open to critiques and understanding why. Can't get anywhere by sitting still.

What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking you out? Look for quality and quantity (with a photo release and no logos on your copies) over price. Be aware of the low session price gimmicks that you end up paying high printing prices afterwards or extra fees for simple things. I'm against that and vow to never do that! Part of the reason of why I offer what I offer, since we started this business. ________________________________________________________________

Things you should know from a photographers stand point at your event: Almost at every wedding I get asked the oddest questions by guests, some are standard, some are expected and some are just conversing. But when I get the ones that are repetitive I try my best to understand why it's being asked. Here are some:

"Why do you have 3 cameras?" I say, why not? I have three different lenses and it's always good practice to have back-ups. And most of the time I carry 2-3 cameras at a time during events, particularly during the ceremony. I have a long telephoto lens for close-ups (for things such as the exchanging of rings), a standard lens, and a wide lens (for entire room shots).

"Are you taking a photo of my crotch?" No. It's a wide angle lens and it may look like I am aiming downward but it is getting a very wide area. Trust me, I am not taking a photo of your private area!

Got a question? Or one you think I should post? Email me: holly@outoftheordinary.biz Please feel free to give us a call and Holly or Jim Greene will be happy to help! 518-307-2747

*Some exceptions may apply, please contact me for further details. Everything is analyzed on a case-by-case basis. If there are travel cost, a larger deposit/retainer fee may be needed up front due to booking a hotel ahead of time, etc.

Definition: JPG or JPEG (pronounced JAY-peg:) is a commonly used method of compression for photographic digital images. JPEG is often considered to be a file format. JPEG is the most common image format used by digital cameras and other photographic image capture devices; it is the most common format for storing and transmitting photographic images on the World Wide Web.

Definition: Sepia or Sepia tone (pronounced SEEP-ia) is when an image color mode is saturated to a brown or rust color hue. It's like black and white only it has a brown tint instead of grayscale. It tends to have an old fashioned rustic look.

Last updated June 2016 Some details may change slightly since last updated.

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